Donkey milk, a health and well-being ally

Mostly known for its cosmetic qualities, donkey milk is also and above all a versatile health ally, highly prized for its therapeutic and dietetic properties in many traditional medicines.

Our organic donkey milk from France, a rare and excellent product

The donkey milk of the Ânes de Monédiès comes exclusively from our Pyrenean donkey farm in Aveyron.

Our donkeys benefit from a food resulting from natural pastures rich in a very great biodiversity for an organic donkey milk, certified by Ecocert, of a great quality to the service of your health.
In order to perpetuate this precious relationship between man and animal and this ancestral gesture, we have chosen to carry out the milking manually, preferably outside when the weather conditions allow it.

Raw donkey milk is the closest to mother’s milk and has a set of virtues recognized for human health.

Very digestible, suitable for infants and people intolerant or allergic to lactose and casein from cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk, donkey’s milk is full of natural health benefits if consumed as a supplement to a healthy and balanced diet.

We must follow strict hygiene and transformation processes in order to offer you milk that has preserved all its precious properties.

We offer raw donkey milk of food quality in different forms (freeze-dried, frozen and fresh) for individuals but also for health professionals, cosmetic laboratories and soap makers.

cures de lait
cures de lait
cures de lait