Heritage: between Aveyron, Lot and Cantal

The Midi-Pyrénées region offers a rich heritage where history, culture and art blend harmoniously. Thus, villages, monuments, natural sites, museums… will allow you to discover the different facets of our region. We suggest you here some various ways to visit this region with a thousand and one faces.

A protected and unique heritage

At the crossroads of the Lot, the Aveyron and the Cantal, you will be able, in the company of our donkeys or not, to cross the most beautiful villages of France and to marvel at the typical architecture of the area: houses with tiled roofs, farms with dry stones of Larzac etc. In Aveyron alone, there are no less than 200 classified historical monuments. Castles, farms, bastides of Rouergue, Templar hospital sites, churches… many have become real must-see sites.

This protected heritage, which has survived the passage of time, will transport you to the heart of history and more particularly to the medieval period.

Rocamadour : the suspended city

In the Lot, you will be surprised by Rocamadour, the sacred city. Like suspended from the cliffsthe superposition of houses and chapels constitutes a a real citadelwhich has become a high place of the pilgrimage. Medieval city par excellence, you can walk through the winding streets, basilica, chapels without forgetting the esplanade of the sanctuaries including the basilica Saint-Saveur, the crypt Saint-Amadour and not less than six chapels.

Around the village, the Regional Natural Park of the Causses du Quercy extends, renowned for its exceptional and varied natural environment: chasms, gorges and valleys offer an unparalleled spectacle!

visite village rocamadour

Historical immersion in the Lot Valley

If the historical side fascinates you, the show Yesterday, a village in Flanac will seduce you. True historical reconstruction and living fresco of the Lot Valley, you will be surprised by the surprising realism of the staging thanks to the sounds, lights and special effects that allow to trace the life of the village. With no less than 300 extras, you will be transported to the heart of the history of Flanac! Young and old will appreciate this extraordinary show.

In addition to natural sites and historical events, cultural sites such as museums also offer an interesting approach to the region.

The Aveyron contemporary version

In Rodez, stop by the Soulages Museum, a contemporary museum where art and contemporary architecture are mixed. The different manifestations of Pierre Soulages’ creation are presented: paintings on paper, on canvas, printed works, stained glass. A rich work that will allow you to explore different facets of what he calls “black-light”, in other words the use of the reflections of the color black that he puts into practice. Main representative of the informal painting, you can discover his unique and abstract works which mark the instantaneous and the unexpected. This work will allow young and old alike to see or discover art in a new light as well as the process of artistic creation from a global perspective.
The museum’s program includes exhibitions, collections, permanent works and a store.

As you can see, the region’s heritage is so rich that everyone will be able to find the visit or approach that suits them. With our donkeys or without, the discovery of the Lot or the Aveyron will be memorable.