The liter of frozen organic donkey milk (packaged in 500ml bottles)

The liter of frozen organic donkey milk (packaged in 500ml bottles)

The benefits of donkey milk

Ideal as an alternative to cow’s milk for people allergic to cow’s milk proteins
Strengthens and stimulates the immune system
Regenerates your intestinal flora and your digestive system
Rebalances your entire body.
Immunostimulant, regenerating, detoxifying and antioxidant supplement.
Benefits on seasonal depression
Conclusive results on dermatological problems (psoriasis, exema, dermatitis…)

How to consume donkey milk?

In cure: Drink 150 to 200 ml per day in the morning on an empty stomach during 1 month minimum.
Regular consumption for people concerned about their well-being or for people intolerant to cow’s milk proteins

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Packaging: in 1/2 liter bottles
Price: 20 € per liter, home delivery from 2 liters. For more than 16 liters contact us by mail or phone
Delivery: carried out in France by Chronofresh in the strict respect of the cold chain. For any order of frozen milk outside of France, please contact us by email or by phone.
Storage condition: Store in the freezer at – 18 °C. Let thaw for 24 hours in the fridge before consumption (at 4 ° maximum), then keep at 4 ° max for 3 days maximum after opening.